Scholarship & funding

Here you can find relevant information concerning the funding opportunities and application procedures within the ISOA courses. There 5 kind of discount in each course that a person could apply for.

  1. Education fund: since the courses are artistic and academic the opportunity for up to 30% discount has been made for University Professors and professional artist. Sending a resume would be necessary.
  2. Academic fund: All academics relevant to the course could use up to 25% discount. To be able to use this you have to send a resume and a scientific proposal.
  3. Group funding: Because the courses are being held in summer which is high season in Iran individual booking cost more the group booking, so by applying in a group for this courses the expenses would lower. This discount is 30% for groups of 3-8 people and 40% for groups bigger than that.
  4. Local funds: there are some local discounts that can be offered via some resume and special scientific proposal. This discount can be added to the above and needs the approval of the local institutions located in Iran.

For further information you can contact our student’s admission on this Email:

Phone number: +98-25-37830872 please call on office times, from 9am till 13pm local time (+3:30GMT)


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