Colors and pigment course

Colors and pigment course

  • 10–15 March 2020

1. Introduction

Make your own watercolor: Mother Nature pigments come to life. Explore the beauty of Mother Nature pigments and turn them into your own watercolor paint set. Come and join us in a weeklong workshop in which natural handpicked organic and mineral objects will be processed into paints. At the end of the course, participants will bring home their own set of handmade watercolors.

2. Venue

We will be staying in Qom and visit the desserts around this historical city to find our natrual ingredients which we will turn in to pigments and colors in our workshops back in Qom.

Day 1: Introduction on paint and pigments.
Start with the mineral materials, making earth colors: grinding and washing
Day 2: Earth colors continues: making ochres,
Introduction on copper and iron family pigments
Day 3: Organic pigments: introduction on the dye making plants, exploring the techniques in pigment extractions and making solvents.
Day 4: A trip to Kashan: Fin garden, Historical houses, Agha Bozorg mosque and more…
Day 5: Making paint out of mineral pigments extracted at day one and few organic (pre-extracted) pigments.
Day 6: Making white and black and fill out the case.

3. Course outcome

In this short intensive course participants will learn the basics of natural pigments and different methods of making paint.
The chemistry of paints will be discussed, then different organic local and international dye making roots and plants will be examined. The participants will grind, wash and extract pigments and make paint by following the traditional methods.
Also, different minerals and resources will be introduced and the pigment extracting process will be implemented. The participants will use traditional materials and methods to extract the pigments and turn them to paint.
Students will learn the differences between solvent and extraction materials and will make the suitable solvent for each pigment.

4. Certificate

All students receive a graduation certificate upon completion of their program, which is granted by the Islamic School of Art (ISOA).

5. Requirements

To participate in the program, applicants are required to agree to make a presentation in all classes and Workshops/discussions organized as part of the program. All the materials for the course will be provided in the course.

6. Course Fees

  • 6 days = 670 Euro
  • Online Course 145 Euro
  • Please be informed a prepayment of 100Euro is required after your application has been approved.

7. Required Documents (Electronic copies required)

  1. Resume: A list of your current academic position, educational achievements, and professional activities. Provide details regarding the previous curriculum and/or staff development experiences.
  2. A completed form of ISOA Short term course. Click here to download the form.

8. Registration

Applications must include all required documents and be submitted no later than February 20th, 2020, to the Islamic School Of Art ( ISOA), The Course of colors and pigment. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Note: American, British & Canadian citizens should register at least a month earlier than this deadline due to the timeline of the visa process.
For further information please contact International communication coordinator

we have online course in that time

Or Sattar Soltanpour (course director)


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