NASTALIQ Calligraphy

Islamic school of art and UNESCO’s Islamic art club are presenting a joint online course on
Islamic calligraphy (NASTALIQ)

Nastaliq is one of the most delicate styles of Persian Islamic calligraphy. Although this style is mainly used for Persian poems and literature, there are some beautiful Qurans written in Nastaliq which makes them very unique and stylish to read.

We are happy to announce that one of the great calligraphers of Iran Mr. Pournohman has agreed to help us organize an ONLINE course for this type of calligraphy.

Course outline:

With the focus on Nastaliq calligraphy, we will be learning the basics of Islamic calligraphy and its methods. In this course, we will try to instruct you in learning the basics of Nastaliq and the differentiation of this style compared with other calligraphy styles.

This course would be suitable for everyone interested in calligraphy or Islamic arts even if you don’t know the Islamic alphabet this would be a good challenge for you because putting in mind that this course is online our instructor would use some new methods that will teach you how to improve your calligraphy skills after the course by yourself as well.

What you will learn:
  1. Read and write Islamic alphabet
  2. Learn to use different tools of calligraphy
  3. Learn the basics of Nastaliq style
  4. Learn how to self-improve in calligraphy
Teaching method:
Tools you would need for this course:
  1. Ghalam (calligraphy Pen)
  2. Morakkab (calligraphy ink)
  3. Calligraphy paper or glassy paper
  4. Ghalam sharpener (Calligraphy jackknife)
  5. Davat & Ligheh (ink holder & controller)

*Please be noted these tools can be posted to you through mail address upon your request

Course plan and timing:

There will be 8 sessions  for this course (depending on different factors such as the number of participants, if we have more than 6 people in the class we will need more time for correction so we will need a complete session to cover that).

Each session would be about 90 minutes long (upon request the timing of each class could be decreased and in return, the number of sessions would increase) so the course is a 12-hour teaching course but you will be in touch with the instructor throughout the course by our WhatsApp number.

Due to time differences, we will need to adjust a time that is suitable for everyone in the course our first option is 16:00 Tehran time on Saturdays, but this time might change upon participant’s request (we do understand your conditions in different parts of the world so we will try our best to adjust everything as smoothly as possible).

Course fees:  315 €

Please be informed that we request the payment at least before the beginning of the 2nd session.

If you need us to send you the tools please let us know as soon as possible so that they can reach you in time for the course (it takes about 2 to 6 weeks for our shipment to reach you depending on your country).

A full supply of tools (all the above-mentioned) will cost 95€ + shipment fees.


Registration link: REGISTER NOW!

For further information, please contact the International communication coordinator at

Or Mr. Soltanpour (Course director) on WhatsApp Number: +989112162404

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