One-Day Workshop on Teaching Geometric Patterns

One-Day Workshop on Teaching Geometric Patterns



On December 23, 2023, the Islamic Art School hosted a one-day workshop on teaching geometric patterns in the city of Qom. The workshop, spanning eight hours, provided participants with the unique opportunity to learn from renowned Islamic art professors. The event featured distinguished instructors, Mr. Saeed Shakouri from Iran and Ms. Serap Ekizler Sonmez from Turkey.

Workshop Overview:

The workshop aimed to delve into the intricate world of geometric patterns prevalent in Islamic art and architecture. Participants, ranging from enthusiasts to aspiring artists, engaged in an immersive learning experience, exploring the historical and cultural significance of these patterns. The event fostered cross-cultural exchange through the collaboration of instructors from Iran and Turkey.

Instructors’ Profiles:

  1. Mr. Saeed Shakouri (Iran): With extensive knowledge in Islamic art, Mr. Shakouri brought his expertise in Persian geometric patterns. Participants benefited from his insights into the traditional Iranian geometric designs that have adorned mosques and historical structures for centuries.
  2. Ms. Serap Ekizler Sonmez (Turkey): Hailing from Turkey, Ms. Sonmez shared her expertise in Turkish Islamic art. Her contribution added a rich layer to the workshop, introducing participants to the unique geometric patterns prevalent in Ottoman architecture and Turkish cultural heritage.

Workshop Content:

The workshop comprised a comprehensive curriculum, covering various aspects of geometric patterns. Participants were introduced to fundamental concepts, historical evolution, and practical applications of these patterns in Islamic art. Hands-on sessions allowed attendees to translate theoretical knowledge into artistic expressions.

Hands-On Activities:

Under the guidance of the instructors, participants had the opportunity to create several famous geometric knots observed in diverse Islamic structures worldwide. The practical sessions enabled students to gain proficiency in sketching and understanding the underlying principles governing these intricate patterns.

Certificate Presentation:

After the workshop, all participants received certificates of completion under the auspices of a UNESCO representative. This recognition highlighted the global importance of preserving and promoting Islamic geometric patterns as a valuable cultural heritage.

Participant Feedback:

Participants expressed immense satisfaction with the workshop, citing the enriching experience and the rare opportunity to learn from distinguished instructors. Many praised the hands-on approach, which allowed them to develop practical skills and a deeper appreciation for the art form.

Cultural Exchange:

The workshop not only provided a platform for artistic learning but also fostered cultural exchange. Attendees from diverse backgrounds shared their perspectives and experiences, creating a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere that mirrored the universality of Islamic geometric patterns.


The one-day workshop on teaching geometric patterns proved to be a resounding success, combining theoretical knowledge, hands-on experiences, and cultural exchange. The event not only contributed to the participants’ artistic skills but also served as a testament to the enduring beauty and significance of Islamic geometric patterns in the global artistic landscape. The organizers, instructors, and participants alike left with a deeper understanding and appreciation for the rich heritage embedded in these intricate designs.

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