Gereh (Tazhib)


Nearly in all of Tazhib’s works, we can see some beautiful frames which are usually painted with gold. These frames are in straight or curved lines. Although these patterns are only used as a frame for the Tazhib work, sometimes they are so delicate that they turn out to be part of the work, and without them, that piece of art would seem incomplete.

Course outline:

In this course, you will learn the methods for creating different types of Gereh that are used in decorating the frameworks in Tazhib. You will learn 10 different patterns and by using the basics that are taught in this course you will be able to start creating your own patterns and designs.

What you will learn:

1. Basic methods of creating Gereh in Tazhib.
2. Getting familiarized with some of the finest Gerehs in Persian Tazhibs.
3. Learn how to draw at least 10 different Gereh

Tools you would need for this course:

1. Ordinary paper
2. Black pen (ink pen might work better)
3. Thin paintbrush (triple 0 would be a good choice)
4. Golden color (either the real gold or a golden gouache paint color)

Course plan and timing:

There will be 5 sessions for this course (depending on different factors such as the number of participants, if we have more than 6 people in the class we will need more time for correction so we will need a complete session to cover that).

Each session would be about 90 minutes long, so the total course is about 8 hours of teaching course but you will be in touch with the instructor throughout the course by our WhatsApp number.

Due to time differences, we will need to adjust a time that is suitable for everyone in the course our first option is at 12:00 Tehran time on Saturdays, but this time might change upon participant’s request (we do understand your conditions in different parts of the world so we will try our best to adjust everything as smoothly as possible).

Course fees: 175 Euro

Please be informed that we request the payment at least before the beginning of the 2nd session.


You can apply for the course using  

For further information please contact the International communication coordinator, on WhatsApp: +989112162404 or

3 thoughts on “Gereh (Tazhib)”

  1. Nelufa Chowdhury


    Is there an archive of recordings from this online class? If so how can I register?

    Instagram @Nelufa.Chowdhury

    1. Hello

      We’re about to provide offline courses based on the previous courses which have been recorded. follow us on social networks to know about the release day.

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