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Islamic school of art and UNESCO’s Islamic art club are presenting a joint online course on Tazhib (The Islamic Art of Illumination)


Tazhib [ Tezhip (turkish) / تذهیب  (Arabic) ] is one of the main characteristics of Islamic art, Some even call it the mother art of all other arts in the Islamic art category. There are different styles and methods for Tazhib that have been developed through time. In this course, we will be learning about the basics of this beautiful art.

Course outline:

Learning detail to detail is a great method to learn art nowadays and Since there are different styles of teaching Tazhib, learning from some of the greatest instructors would be a privilege.

What you will learn:

1. Basics of Tazhib Art
2. Tools and materials needed for Tazhib
3. The great philosophy behind every aspect of this Art.
4. Learn how to make your own Tazhib art-works.

Tools you would need for this course:

1. A4 papers
2. sharp pencil
3. paintbrush (size: triple zero & zero)
4. gouache color
5. Tracing paper
6. Mechanical Pencil
7. Eraser
8. Palette

Course plan and timing:

This course will start on Request (at least 3 students) and There will be 12 session for this course (depending on different factors such as the number of the participants, if we have more than 6 people in the class we will need more time on correction so we will need a complete session to cover that).

Each session would be about 90 minutes long, so the course is a 15 -hour teaching course but you will be in touch with the instructor throughout the course by our WhatsApp number.

Due to time differences, we will need to adjust a time that is suitable for everyone in the course, our first option is 14:00 Tehran time on Sundays, but this time might change upon participant’s request (we do understand your conditions in different parts of the world so we will try our best to adjust everything as smoothly as possible).

Course Fees: 470 €

Please be informed that we request the payment at least before the beginning of the 2nd session.


For registration please fill out the registration form here.

For further information please contact our International communication coordinator (Mr.  Sattar Soltanpour):

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