The Wisdom of Islamic Art – August 2016



  1. Dr. Abd Rahman bin Hamzah, Deputy Director for Islamic Centre, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  2. Anastasiya Silkatcheva, Master of Museum and Heritage Studies, Australian Archaeological Institute at Athens/University of Sydney
  3. Dr. Asna Husin, Associate Professor, Ar-Raniry University Darussalam
  4. Betty Lou Hensellek, PhD Graduate Student, Cornell University
  5. Butool Ali Jafri, Bachelor of Science in Interior Design, The University of Texas at Austin
  6. Dr.Candace Diane Mixon, Lecturer, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
  7. Dr. Corien Hoek, Researcher, Educational Consultant, German University of Technology
  8. Dr. Kenneth Abdul Hadi Honerkamp, Full professor of Islamic Studies, The University of Georgia at Athens
  9. Dr. Karim Douglas Crow, Scholarly Associate Council for Research in Values and Philosophy
  10. Dr. Marcello Barison, Collegiate Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
  11. Mélisande Bizoirre, PhD in History of Art, Université d’Aix-Marseillle
  12. Dr. Rebecca Gould, Reader (Associate Professor Equivalent), Comparative Literature & Translation Studies, University of Bristol
  13. Dr.Silva Capodivacca, Assistant Professor, University of Padua
  14. Dr. Wiekert Visser, Professor, responsible for Master’s programme Petroleum Geology, Gutech
  15. Dr. Yuri Ishida, Assistant Professor, Osaka University of Economics and Law

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