About International Courses

The ISOA international courses group was established in 2016 to hold short courses in Islamic art in Iran. The courses aim to familiarize participants with some of the theoretical and artistic lessons and get them acquainted with artistic sites and Iranian important history.


1. The courses have been designed in a way that the participants can visit the most important historical and artistic cities of Iran such as Tehran, Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Kashan and Qom. We tried our best to hold the classes in museums and historical sites (such as the Malek Museum, the Jame Mosque of Isfahan, the Chehelsotun Palace, the Masoumeh holy Shrine, the Museum of Music, the Museum of Cinema, etc.), so that by combining the presence of the attendees in artistic places and teaching the class by the best professors, Students can have a better understanding of the topics discussed. Also, attending in Persian community, markets and traditional Iranian places for familiarizing with the Iranian lifestyle is another way of understanding the roots of Islamic art during the courses.

2.The course and all the classes would be held in English, which, if requested and coordinated earlier, can be held in other languages as well.

3. During the course, some of our executive and scientific experts will accompany the participants to provide guidance and executive and educational services.

4. After the final registration Participants are supported by our experts on how to travel to Iran, getting a visa, traveling requirements.

5. For the comfort of the participants the Courses are offered with full service(including class fees, professors, visa coordination, accommodation, all transportation inside the country(Iran), nutrition, museum and historic and artistic sites, artistic performances (such as live music, theater and etc.), flight tickets and visa fees are not included


Our team strives to use the best Iranian professors from 5 to 10 days in the following subjects.
Bellow you can find some of ISOA courses that have been arranged for 5 to 10 days with the best professors in the world teaching.

Theoretical courses
1: Theoretical and philosophical bases of Islamic art
2: Aesthetics in the heritage of Iranian thought
3: Introduction to Iranian Islamic Art History
4: History of Iranian-Islamic Architecture
5: Introduction to Iranian cinema

Artistic workshops
1: Workshop on geometric patterns
2: Kofi calligraphy workshop
3: Illumination workshop
4: Nastaliq calligraphy workshop
5: Thuluth Calligraphy Workshop
6: Workshop on the book binding
7: Workshop on Iranian miniature


ISOA course team is trying to set up virtual courses as well as different Islamic art courses around the globe within the next couple of years and after that our goal would be to start teaching Islamic art to teenagers and kids that might be interested in this beautiful kind of art. We believe Islamic art is becoming more popular every day in the world and it necessary to learn it through the right path with exact theoretical bases.


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